Tweet your MLA to demand safety ahead of politics

Along with other contagious illnesses like flu and RSV, COVID continues to hospitalize many Albertans and prevent many more from working. But Danielle Smith and the Alberta government are outlawing mask mandates and threatening to defund organizations that put safety precautions in place.

Workers deserve safe working conditions, and our economy depends on a healthy workforce.

We need evidence-based policies to protect workers from getting sick. That includes stronger ventilation and air filtration standards, mask mandates and vaccine requirements when recommended by public health experts, and 10 days paid sick leave so workers aren’t forced to put their colleagues at risk by working while sick. 

Together, we can protect our workers and communities from COVID and other infectious illnesses, but we need a government that is focused on our safety. By tweeting our leaders and demanding they respond publicly, we can hold them accountable to protecting our world-class workforce.