Alberta Federation of Labour Statement for International Women’s Day 2024

We are the grandmothers, mothers, daughters, and sisters of this world, including those who are trans or non-binary. Our stories are woven with resilience against the injustices of being marginalized, abused, and treated as lesser. Our Indigenous sisters often stand at the forefront, bearing the brunt, yet leading with unparalleled strength.

We are the embodiment of resistance. We’ve taken to the streets, not just in protest but as a testament to our unwavering support for one another. We’ve spearheaded movements for peace, championed the protection of our Mother Earth, and yes, we’ve even set our bras ablaze as a symbol of breaking free from oppressive norms.

Our history is rich, and we have bravely stepped up, especially when society tried to confine us to the background.

We were told repeatedly that our place was in the shadows, merely to be seen and not heard; we’ve consistently proven otherwise. Our strength is our response to those who doubted us.

Today, we are indispensable in the workforce, debunking myths of incapacity and fragility. Our demands for better treatment and equality have resonated across continents for years. It’s time those calls are answered.

We demand fairness in every aspect of life, including the fundamental right to pay equity.

Let’s stand united, not just as women, but as warriors of light and justice. Together with our allies, we will fight, and we will achieve equality!

We invite you to stand beside us, and walk with us, as we “Rise Up! For Gender Justice” this International Women’s Day.

In solidarity, AFL Women’s Caucus