At Edmonton Pride Parade, Alberta Federation of Labour asks: Which side are you on? – AFL

Alberta’s largest worker advocacy organization compares leaders’ records, says Jason Kenney poses a direct threat to LGBTQ+ community

Edmonton – As Edmonton hosts its annual Pride Parade, Alberta’s largest worker advocacy organization will be comparing the LGBTQ+ legislative records of Jason Kenney and Rachel Notley. The Alberta Federation of Labour says Jason Kenney’s long history of working against LGBTQ+ rights poses an ongoing threat to gender and sexual minorities.

“Workers from the LGBTQ+ community have expressed their fear of Jason Kenney’s UCP leadership,” said Gil McGowan, President of the Alberta Federation of Labour. “He has a shamefully consistent track record of opposing LGBTQ+ rights that spans decades. From speaking out strongly against gay marriage to removing references to the LGBTQ+ community from federal immigration materials, Kenney has shown his disdain for the dignity and human rights of gender and sexual minorities time and time again.”

Kenney’s record is even more jarring when contrasted with the decades of legislative support Rachel Notley has shown for the LGBTQ+ community and her ongoing commitment to Pride events. “In stark contrast to Kenney, Rachel Notley has a strong history of supporting gender and sexual minorities,” said McGowan. “From adding gender identity and gender expression to the list of prohibited grounds for discrimination in the human rights code, to the recent addition nonbinary gender options for drivers’ licenses and other records, Notley’s consistent record of support for the LGBTQ+ community speaks for itself.”

Since being elected as an MLA, Kenney has also avoided debating other social issues in the House. He and his caucus have sidestepped taking a position on Bill 9, the abortion clinic “bubble zone” bill, by walking out during both debate and the vote.

“As an MLA with a long track record of social conservatism, why is Kenney so reluctant to debate social issues?” said McGowan. “What is he hiding?”

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Alberta Federation of Labour takes stock of leaders’ LGBTQ+ records:

Rachel Notley:

  • Added gender identity and gender expression to the list of prohibited grounds for discrimination in the human rights code
  • Defends queer school kids’ right to privately join GSAs
  • Appointed first openly gay cabinet minister
  • Led first openly gay and gender-queer MLAs as members of NDP caucus
  • Made it easier for people to change gender on their government IDs with Bill 29
  • Introduced non-binary gender options for official government documents
  • Has demonstrated decades-long support for Pride events and the LGBTQ+ community

Jason Kenney:

  • Wants to out gay school kids
  • Spoke out strongly and consistently voted against gay marriage as MP
  • Voted against federal Bill C-250 to add sexual orientation to hate crimes law
  • Consistently voted against federal Trans* Rights bills to add gender identity and expression to the human rights code
  • Removed references to LGBTQ+ rights from citizenship guide as Immigration Minister
  • As MLA, he now avoids being in the chamber to debate or vote on social issues. What is he hiding?