PRESS RELEASE: Poll suggests UCP could pay a heavy political price if they persist with plan to pull Alberta out of CPP
Feb 27, 2024

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Even many UCP voters are saying “hands off our pensions!” EDMONTON – A new poll shows that about a quarter of the Albertans who voted for the […]

PRESS RELEASE: AFL calls on feds to end employers’ harmful addiction to guest worker programs
Feb 26, 2024

Explosion in number of guest workers and non-permanent residents is suppressing wages and driving up rents. “It needs to stop!” says McGowan EDMONTON – The federal government must close all […]

PRESS RELEASE: AFL launches “Diversify Alberta” campaign to give Alberta workers a say in their own economic future
Feb 24, 2024

Alberta has a bright future in a changing world – but we need to play our cards right EDMONTON – As the global energy transition picks up speed, Alberta’s largest […]

PRESS RELEASE: Smith puts her government on a “collision course” with health care and education workers
Feb 22, 2024

“It’s a recipe for gutting the public services that act as a foundation for our economy.” EDMONTON – With seven small words, Danielle Smith has dismissed growing concerns about our […]

Albertans tell MLAs to keep their “Hands Off Our CPP” during AFL’s Days of Action
Feb 1, 2024

EDMONTON – The Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL) successfully organized Days of Action to encourage Albertans to tell their MLAs to keep their “hands off our CPP” and stop threatening […]

STATEMENT: Smith’s anti-trans policy is a “despicable” tactic “ripped from the playbook” of the global far right, says McGowan
Feb 1, 2024

The following is a statement from Alberta Federation of Labour president Gil McGowan in response to Premier Danielle Smith’s new policies targeting trans kids and attacking sex education in Alberta […]