Our government is not doing enough.

COVID-19 is a workplace health & safety issue. 

Instead of treating the pandemic as a public health issue, the UCP continues to force their own fringe agenda on us, spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories. The UCP’s lax COVID policies left Alberta with the highest rate of excess deaths in the country. 

Meanwhile, the transmission of COVID-19 continues in our communities. The disease continues to hospitalize Albertans, and long COVID continues to prevent many people from working.

We need science-based policies to protect people in their workplaces and in our communities.

Let’s demand better:

  • Treat COVID-19 as a workplace health and safety issue. 
  • 10 days paid sick leave so workers aren’t forced to work while sick. 
  • Stronger ventilation and air filtration standards for workplaces and public spaces. 
  • Mask mandates and vaccine requirements as recommended by public health experts.  
  • Return to test, trace and isolate to monitor and minimize the spread.