Getting the economy back on track starts with investing in us – the workers who built this province.

The economy is changing. If we don’t re-tool, we’ll be left behind

The world is moving on to new economic opportunities. New industries are rising to take the place of the ones no longer creating the prosperity we once relied on. But the UCP is stuck in the past. Our government is doubling down on industries that are waning and automating jobs, like fossil fuel extraction. 

We need to re-tool our economy, or we’ll be left behind. We know major companies are already shifting to adapt to the changes. We can take advantage of opportunities in new industries—our energy workers have the skills to compete in the global economy—but we need a  plan that puts good jobs for workers at the forefront.

Our Industrial Blueprint for Job Creation and Prosperity is that plan. It details exactly how we need to re-tool our economy so we can get to work building a better future today.  

Hard-working Albertans are the engine of our economy; it’s time our government starts investing in them.

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