A world-class workforce needs world-class education.

We need world-class public education and affordable colleges and universities so everyone can reach their full potential.

The UCP government is cutting the legs out from under our public schools, colleges and universities – leaving working families behind.

They have cut and destabilized funding for public education, introduced wildly unpopular curriculum without input from experts, and encouraged the growth and expansion of private charter schools that are not publicly accessible.

Our colleges and universities have suffered decades of neglect – tuition rates have skyrocketed, funding cuts have stifled research and innovation, and good, full-time jobs have been replaced with precarious, part-time contracts. 

Let’s demand better: 

  • Invest in world-class public schools, colleges & universities.  
  • Reduce class sizes for K-12 and provide appropriate support for students with diverse needs. 
  • Trust educational experts to create a world-class curriculum for K-12.  
  • Make college & university affordable.
  • Respect educators with fair pay, proper staffing and permanent jobs.