Strengthen workers’ rights now

Workers deserve respect.

We need stronger laws – and a government that’s willing to hold employers accountable for following them.

Hard-won laws to protect workers have not kept pace with the changing nature of work. Exceptions and loopholes mean a growing number of workers falling prey to unfair and unsafe working conditions. The legislation we have is often toothless with the lack of serious government oversight and enforcement, leaving workers to fight for their rights on their own against powerful corporations. 

Hard-working Albertans deserve respect. We need our government to strengthen our laws—and hold employers accountable for following them.

Our government must ensure that workers are empowered to demand the respect and protections we deserve, and that we benefit fairly from our hard work and contributions to our economy.

Let’s demand better:

  • Tie minimum wage to inflation. 
  • Give every worker 10 paid sick days. 
  • Reduce the work week to 40 hours & ban forced overtime. 
  • Protect our pensions – keep Alberta in the CPP.
  • Make it easier to join a union.