Federal Election 2015 – AFL

Make sure you can vote in the Federal Election

The writ has been dropped on the longest Canadian election in living memory. From now until October 19, candidates and volunteers will be knocking on doors, putting up lawn signs, and fundraising for an election that could reshape the country.

This will be the first election governed by Stephen Harper’s so-called “Fair Elections Act,” which puts up barriers to participation in the election. Under the new rules, there are stricter requirements for what kind of identification you must have before receiving a ballot. These rules are likely to disenfranchise students, Indigenous people, seniors and the homeless.

To make sure you are able to vote on October 19, check the voter identification information here:

Make sure you are registered in the riding in which you intend to vote:

If you are a first-time voter, or a student who lives part of the year in a different riding, make sure to determine which riding is the right one for you to vote in: