Thank You!

Thanks for tweeting your MLA to demand they commit to investing in high-quality public education for all Albertans.

If hundreds of us join together to take action, our elected leaders will have no choice but to pay attention and go to bat for our priorities.

Will you help make an even bigger impact by asking your family and friends to tweet as well?

  • I am your constituent and I am calling to ask you to take immediate action to invest in high-quality public education.
  • Cuts and destabilization of public education funding are unacceptable
  • All Albertans deserve access to high-quality public education
  • Investing in high-quality public education is an investment in the future of Alberta’s economy and democracy
  • Cuts to public education are putting undue stress and strain on teachers and educational workers – some are even leaving the profession.
  • Privatizing education will only cost us more in the long run. 
  • Will you commit to improving working conditions, recruitment, and retention of K-12 public education professionals?