Kenney government should not reduce agriculture health and safety requirements – AFL

Alberta farms and ranches are the most dangerous workplaces in the province

EDMONTON – Proposing to reduce health are safety requirements for Alberta farms and ranches is unconscionable, says the Alberta Federation of Labour.

“Alberta’s farms and ranches are already the most dangerous workplaces in the province,” says Gil McGowan. “Any backsliding on health and safety puts workers lives at even greater risk.”

Provincial statistics on agriculture and forestry show that the sector has the highest fatality rate and the second-highest disabling injury rate and lost-time claim rate.

“The OHS Code has specific rules for agriculture that were developed by the previous government in concert with farmers and ranchers for things like fall protection and rollover protection,” says McGowan. “Over half of agricultural fatalities are caused by machine rollovers, runovers and entanglements, but here we have the Jason Kenney government proposing to get rid of rules designed to help stop these needless deaths.”

“Also troubling is the notion that employers should not have to report potentially serious injury and incidents. If worker almost dies on the job it should be reported so that workplace can be made safer. This is basic common sense when it comes to health and safety.”

“This conservative government so blinded by ideology and hatred of the last government that it’s willing to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Every Albertan should be concerned about this direction.

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