New website will catalogue all of Jason Kenney’s ‘unAlbertan’ and ‘deeply disturbing’ cuts and policies – AFL

This new on-line resource will help Albertans keep up with the Premier’s ongoing marathon of ideological folly and vindictiveness

EDMONTON – The Alberta Federation of Labour has collected and categorized hundreds of stories about Premier Jason Kenney’s cuts and policies and posted them on an interactive website that will continue to record and catalogue the damage that the UCP is doing to our province.

“It’s hard to keep track of all the pain that Jason Kenney has been inflicting on our province in just a year and a half,” says Alberta Federation of Labour president Gil McGowan.

“But we’re going to give it a try. We think it’s important that Albertans understand how much damage the UCP has caused in such a short time. It’s also important for people to keep up with these destructive policies, because there is clearly much more to come. Finally, it’s important that people remember all of these things when the next election rolls around. This website will be an important resource to help make sure Kenney and his band of ideological bullies are held accountable.”

Every day, in every corner of the province, new stories come to light about the negative impacts that Kenney’s cuts and policies are having on individuals, families, communities and the economy. The AFL’s “Kenney’s Cuts Tracker” will continue to record all of these things. Given the volume of cuts, the AFL is also asking Albertans to submit suggestions about UCP cuts and damaging policies that should be added to the list (so we don’t miss anything).

McGowan says the tracker is needed to debunk the misleading narratives being spun by the Premier, his cabinet ministers and the UCP’s noxious army of so-called issues managers (who are really high-paid partisan propogandists and trolls funded with tax dollars).

“Premier Kenney has been trying to convince Albertans that his political opponents, including Prime Minister Trudeau, opposition leader Rachel Notley and labour groups like the AFL, are mean-spirited, vindictive, ‘unAlbertan’ and that our positions are ‘deeply disturbing’ or examples of us ‘kicking Albertans when they’re down.’ But this is just the latest example of the Premier accusing his enemies of what he’s doing himself,” says McGowan.

“As our cuts tracker shows, it is Premier Kenney, not his opponents, who is being mean-spirited and vindictive. How else can you describe what he’s been doing to doctors and disabled Albertans? And it is Premier Kenney who is kicking Albertans when they’re down. How else can you describe his decision to lay-off thousands and thousands of workers in our schools and universities in the midst of an unprecedented recession?”

“That’s why we’ve created this website. Albertans need to understand the scope and breadth of the damage that the Kenney government is inflicting on our province. The Kenney’s Cuts Tracker will give Albertans the information and the tools they need to hold the UCP accountable.”

Link: Kenney’s Cuts Tracker


Ramona Franson
Director of Communications, AFL