Thank you!

Thanks for calling your MLA to keep Alberta in the Canada Pension Plan.

If enough of us join together to take action, our elected leaders will have no choice but to leave our retirement savings out of their political games.

Will you help make an even bigger impact by asking your family and friends to call as well?

Key talking points:
  • I am your constituent and I am calling to ask that you commit to keeping our province in the Canada Pension Plan.
  • Albertans deserve to retire securely and with dignity. 
  • For most Albertans, the Canada Pension Plan is their only source of retirement income. 
  • There is nothing for us to gain by leaving the Canada Pension Plan, but there is much to lose. 
  • Our retirement funds should be independently invested to maximize returns, not used to pick costly political fights. 
  • Politicians should be excluded from investment decisions that affect our retirement security.
  • It’s our money and our security. The government has no right to gamble with it.
  • Albertans have been clear in their opposition to this plan. Do not let it proceed to a referendum.
  • Will you commit to keeping Alberta in the Canada Pension Plan?