PRESS RELEASE: AFL applauds NDP roadmap for job creation

McGowan says the UCP is a threat because they have no plan to prepare Alberta to prosper in a changing global economy

EDMONTON – Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL) president Gil McGowan applauded the NDP’s announcement to create high-quality jobs through economic diversification and funding of union training facilities.

“The global economy is changing and we need to prepare or be left behind,” said McGowan. “With today’s announcement, Rachel Notley has made it clear that she has a plan to maintain our province’s prosperity in a rapidly evolving world. Danielle Smith, on the other hand, seems determined to bury her head in the sand. If she’s re-elected, we’ll all pay a heavy price for her lack of vision and planning.”

Last October, the AFL and a coalition of unions representing workers in oil and gas, construction and manufacturing released a report entitled, “Skate to Where the Puck is Going,” which outlined a blueprint for industrial policy that could create jobs and position Alberta for continued prosperity in a changing global economy.

McGowan says many of the AFL’s recommendations are reflected in the NDP jobs plan. Specifically, McGowan applauded the NDP’s commitment to support projects in cleantech, carbon materials, critical minerals processing, and advanced manufacturing.

He also applauded the NDP’s plan to fund union-led training facilities that will be key to training the next generation of skilled tradespeople in Alberta.

“There’s a deeply ingrained stereotype that conservatives are better at the economy,” said McGowan. “But, with the UCP under Danielle Smith, that’s simply not true. There’s a global economic paradigm shift underway, the biggest since the Industrial Revolution. It presents huge opportunities for prosperity and job creation, but only if were prepare ourselves properly.”

“Today, Notley demonstrated that she gets it,” concluded McGowan. “Smith, on the other hand, continues to embrace a policy of denial, dismissal, and delay. As a result, Smith isn’t ‘better for the economy.’ In fact, it’s just the opposite: she’s actually a threat to our economy and prosperity.”


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John Ashton
Director of Communications, AFL