PRESS RELEASE: UCP ignores its own panel’s advice to increase minimum wage to match inflation

Leaked Report proved that UCP inaction effectively cut wages for Alberta’s most vulnerable workers.

EDMONTON – The release of the UCP Government’s report on Alberta’s minimum wage proves the UCP government has been cutting the minimum wage by refusing to increase it in the face of rising inflation, according to Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL) President Gil McGowan.

“The UCP ignored its own report and left Alberta’s most vulnerable workers to languish in the face of skyrocketing prices,” said McGowan. “It was a UCP pay cut through inaction.”

The document, as reported by Postmedia, says that the minimum wage needed to be indexed to the rise in inflation. According to AFL research, Alberta’s minimum wage would rise to at least $17 per hour had the UCP followed their own advice.

“Given how much household costs for groceries, housing, and other necessities have soared, they’re actually cutting wages for a lot of families,” said McGowan.” “They need to provide relief immediately by raising their wages.”

Also, according to Postmedia reporting, Jobs Minister Brian Jean has already refused to make changes to the minimum wage. McGowan expressed disappointment at this response.

“Minister Jean needs to take a long look at his own report’s direction,” said McGowan. “Workers deserve a living wage in the face of inflation.”

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BACKGROUND: A copy of the report can be found here.