Re-Invest in World-Class Post-Secondary Education

Alberta’s post-secondary education system has suffered decades of neglect. Aside from a modest reinvestment in buildings and infrastructure during the boom-fueled early 2000s, the default government approach towards post-secondary education has been austerity.

Beyond funding challenges, virtually all provincial governments in the last 30 years have failed to produce and operationalize a concrete and meaningful vision for a viable, accessible, and sustainable post-secondary education system—one consistent with the goals of fundamentally benefiting the public good and uplifting every new generation. 

There is a better way. Together, we can build a thriving and accessible post-secondary education system that includes cutting edge polytechnics, strong community-based colleges, and world class research universities.

Here’s how: 

  1. Restore $500 million in funding cuts made over the last 4 years
  2. Reverse 21% across-the-board tuition increases and explore a tuition-free model
  3. End precarious employment for academic and support staff
  4. Eliminate performance-based funding
  5. Stop government interference and respect institutional autonomy and academic freedom

The development, viability, and long-term sustainability of our province depends on a thriving and vibrant post-secondary education system. Strong post-secondary education is critical to envisioning and planning a new economy: one that builds on the creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and sense of civic responsibility in our province. A strong system of universities, colleges, and polytechnics will provide an educated, critically thinking, and well-trained workforce that we need to grow our economy and build up all of our citizens.

Rather than continuing along a path of political hostility, we can choose to reinvest in the future of our province by providing a stronger and more equitable post-secondary education system for all Albertans.